New Neighbors offers over 40 activities a month for all members, which means there’s always something for everyone.

Daytime activities

Most of our activity groups meet during daytime hours on weekdays, giving you plenty of options to spend time with other members

Evening activities

Great if you have work during the day, have small children at home, or just want to spend an evening with friends

Weekend activities

Couples attend many of these activities, providing a great opportunity for your significant others to meet new people in the community

Explore our activities lists below and find friends who share your interests!


Days / Times

Monday Daytime Book Group

1st Monday at 10AM

Read Between the Wines

2nd Tuesday at 7PM

Read Talk Lunch Book Group

4th Tuesday at 10AM

Tuesday Daytime Book Group

3rd Tuesday at 10AM

Wednesday Daytime Book Group

2nd Wednesday at10AM

Novel Book Club 

2nd Tuesday at 12:30PM

Friday Daytime Book Club

4th Friday at 10AM


Days / Times

Daytime Party Bridge

1st Tuesday, 3rd Thursday, 4th Monday at 1PM

Canasta Chicks

2nd Thursday at 12:30PM

Canasta Cuties

2nd Thursday at 12:30PM

Hand and Foot Canasta

4th Wednesday at 12:30PM

Evening Hand and Foot Canasta

4th Friday at 6:30PM


4th Saturday at 7PM


Days / Times

Adventures in Daytime Dining

4th Wednesday at 11:30AM

Breakfast Club

1st Friday at 9AM

Coffee N Chat 

2nd Friday at 9:30AM

Weekday Gourmet

Every other month: 2nd Tuesday at 10AM

Ladies Dining In

1st Tuesday at 6:15PM

Dining Out

2nd Saturday at 5PM

Casual Dining Out

Dates vary at 6PM

Meet and Eat

4th Saturday at 6PM

Ethnic Dining

1st Wednesday at 11:30AM

Lunch Bunch

2nd Wednesday at 11:30AM

Pub Crawlers

1st Thursday at 7PM

Happy Hour

Dates vary at 4:30PM


Days / Times

Garden Buds

4th Thursday at 10AM

Destined to Travel

2nd Friday at 2PM

Chicks at the Flicks

3rd Tuesday at 12PM

Day Trippers

1st Thursday at 10AM


2nd Thursday at 10AM

Happy Hour

Dates vary


4th Saturday at 1PM


Dates vary



Dates / Times

Wine I

1st Saturday at 7PM

Wine II

1st Saturday at 7PM

Wine III

1st Saturday at 6PM


Dates / Times

Mahjong: Chinese Way

1st, 2nd, and 4th Wednesday at 12:15PM

3rd Thursday at 12:15PM

Friends and Games

2nd Friday at 7PM

Mexican Dominoes

4th Tuesday at 12PM

Ladies Game Night

1st Saturday at 5PM

Phase 10

3rd Tuesday at 12:30PM


1st Tuesday at 11AM


Dates / Times

Page Robins

4th Thursday at 2:30PM

Cooks Who Care

As Needed


About Activity Groups

All activity groups are led by members and are open to anyone in good standing with New Neighbors. Information about each group is provided in the monthly newsletter and through emails from group leaders.

If an existing group grows too large, a waiting list will be started. Another similar group may be formed to accommodate members who want to participate.

Have a proposal for a new activity group? We’re always open to your ideas and can help you get a group started.

Want to ask a question about activities? Email us at